Host a Pyninsula

Unlike most other meetups which rely on a single sponsor for space, Pyninsula is a traveling meetup. We don't just enjoy the change in scenery, we meet at a wide range of locations to reach as many Peninsula Python programmers as possible

If you think your organization may be able to host us, we'd be delighted to hear from you! We're a pretty low-maintenance group, here's a short checklist for potential hosts:

  • Located somewhere in the 650 area code, preferably near public transit
  • Seating capacity of 40-100
  • Dinner + drinks for the same (pizza & soda are fine)
  • A/V that supports projecting and ideally recording (Hangouts/Zoom is fine, too)

We also invite members of your organization to give a short introduction during meetup opening, and submit a talk for one of our three spots. We have dedicated time for recruitment and other pitches in the intermissions between talks.

Past hosts include (in no particular order):

And our next host can always be found on the official page.